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TOPIC: maybe lore to mcc (multiverse cosmic conquest)

maybe lore to mcc (multiverse cosmic conquest) 1 year 10 months ago #83

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once, there was nothing. then exluminos, the true god, appeared out of the nothingness. exluminos then spoke the the universe into existence. the light, the darkness, the planets and the suns. the universe was compete, but it was void of life. it came to a planet. the planet we call earth. exluminos then made 6 gods named the cosmics. each one a different color. ruby for red and war,goold for yellow and wealth,Incense for blue and knowledge,sardonix orange and honer, genises for green and life, and genti for violet and destruction. as they were created, exluminos gave them the role to take care the the universe for it. as it said that, exluminos faded away to give life to earth. as time went on, they discoverer that they had no physical effect on this universe unless they worked together, which was easier than said. but they can use a human as there high priest. high priest can gain immortality and the aspects of the cosmic that believed in them. eventually the earthlings reach the space age and founded other intelligent life. each cosmic wanted the universe to them selves, so the cosmic's army's fight for there comic.

you are one of the generals in the war for the universe. never ending, hoping that the exluminos returned and sorted this out.

tell me what you think and any ideas to improve it. have fun and see you later
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maybe lore to mcc (multiverse cosmic conquest) 1 year 10 months ago #84

That's pretty cool lore! Maybe something like this can make it into the backstory of one of the universes in the game. Maybe one more focused on magic than technology.
There is already a lot of lore and stories in the works behind the scenes of Multiverse: Cosmic Conquests, and I think you'll love how they all fit together to tell the larger story of Multiverse: Cosmic Conquest.
I can't spoil anything just yet, but you'll start to learn more about the backstory closer to the release of the game and especially before the second set releases! ;)
That's when the first story arc really starts, there's not going to be much story for the base set.
Keep it up!
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maybe lore to mcc (multiverse cosmic conquest) 1 year 9 months ago #262

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In the beginning there was the ulti-species, a species that had every colour. It was the white species. The species wasn't the only species, there were also with the cull-species. The black colour. Both these species hated each other. But once, the cull-species disappeard. What the ulti-species didn't know twas that the cull-species were hiding amongst the ulti-species. The cull-species secretly divided the ulti-species by forcing them mentally to hate one another. This destroyed the ulti-species as the last ones were killed. Now the ulti-species were divided into six main recgonizable colours. Blue, red, orange, yellow an violet. The cull-species now started testing with DNA. To make sure that every species looked different. This was done so that they don't even remember that they were once one. The cull-species are now, living amongst every species. But nobody of the species knows what 'cull' or 'ulti' is, since this was years ago. But one man, a mad man of no colour, finds out how to become every colour...
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