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Post here any problems you may have with the OCTGN software, the organization of the games, or anything else to do with playing Multiverse.
If you have any ideas on how to improve the playing experience/process or anything else outside of the actual gameplay, please, post here.

DO NOT post here suggestions on how to improve cards, mechanics, strategies, and other gameplay related things.That goes into the general feedback forums

TOPIC: Judges information

Judges information 1 year 4 months ago #344

Once you gain enough Player Points and advance through the levels, you can become a judge for different kinds of games.

Level 3: You can now officially judge 1v1 matches.
Level 5: You can now officially judge multiplayer games.
Level 7: You can now officially judge constructed tournaments.
Level 8: You can now officially judge sealed tournaments.
Level 9: You can now officially judge draft tournaments.

Once you become a judge, you can gain more Player Points by judging different kinds of games and tournaments.

Once players organize in the Organize Games & Tournaments subforum, you can post there as well to be their official judge. If you're a level 3, you can do so for 1v1 macthes, if you're a Level 5 for multiplayer games etc.
When players start playing on OCTGN you can join their game as a spectator. You'll have to check if the players are following the rules correctly, and you'll have to help them out if they ask you for clarification. Once the players end the match (usually a best out of 3) you have to post in the same thread, reporting the results of their match along with any comments you may have.

Judges re awarded points as follows:

For judging a 1v1 game: 2 points
For judging a multiplayer game: 1 point per player
For judging a constructed or sealed tournament: 2 points per match in the tournament
Currently we still have to determine how to organize draft tournaments on OCTGN.

If you have any questions, please ask away in this thread.
Keep it up!
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