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Here we organize all sorts of games and tournaments, from 1 on 1, to multiplayer, to sealed and booster draft. Tell everyone when you'll be online, or check to see when the next tournament starts. Post in the right thread to join and when enough people show up, we can start a tournament!

TOPIC: Sunday February 26th 1v1 Constructed

Sunday February 26th 1v1 Constructed 11 months 4 weeks ago #528

We're hosting a new constructed single-elimination Multiverse: Cosmic Conquest tournament on OCTGN this Sunday.

The tournament will be live streamed on my twitch.tv account: www.twitch.tv/leandrotok

To join the event, just write in this thread! You can post your arsenal and galaxy decks in this thread in spoiler tags, like this:
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

If you're new to the game and don't have created any decks before, you can choose to use one of these starter decks here:
Basic Blue: a defensive deck with ships that are hard to deal with and reactions that counteract your opponent's moves
Basic Green: an expansive deck with lots of unit and ways to gain more resource to overwhelm your opponent
Basic Red: an aggressive deck with fast and effective ships and explosive effects that stop your opponent in his or her tracks

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The tournament will start at 5 pm GMT. Match-ups will be posted in this topic shortly before the start of the tournament and of each round. The first player will create the game on OCTGN, the second will join it. I'll be the judge in the event and you can ask any questions to me in the in-game chat or here in the forums.

Each player will get 1 Player Point for each game played, and 2 extra Player Points for each game won.
I'll keep track of the scores and post them at the end of each round.

The more people join, the merrier! Don't be shy, it's all for fun! If you're not that familiar with the rules, watch our Multiverse TCG tutorial video series again, and you're always welcome to ask questions to the judge during gameplay.

We're thinking that the next tournament on March 5th can be either a 2v2 Team Event, or a Sealed 1v1 Event. Which one would you prefer?
Keep it up!
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