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TOPIC: Sunday July 2nd 2017 Playtest Session

Sunday July 2nd 2017 Playtest Session 7 months 6 days ago #611

This week we're going to have our very first ever team game of Multiverse: Cosmic Conquest!
We'll be playing 2 on 2 on a 37-space galaxy!
Each player needs an arsenal of 40 cards minimum, as well as a galaxy deck of exactly 10 cards.

The main difference between team games and battle royals is that players in a team share control of all spaces and resource. This means that all spaces in your control are also in your team-mate’s control and vice versa. Any player that’s part of a team can play cards and pay for costs using resource controlled by the team.
To win a 2 on 2 team game a team needs to conquer 19 spaces in the galaxy or conquer one of their opponent's home planet.

The session will start at 5 pm GMT and will be streamed live at www.twitch.tv/leandrotok, so make sure to be here early, we can even play a couple of games before we go live!

To join the event, just write in this thread!

Make sure you've downloaded OCTGN virtual tabletop and installed Multiverse onto your PC. If you haven't, follow the steps in this video here:

As always, you can find the rulebook for Multiverse: Cosmic Conquest here.

I'll be joining games myself, so don't hesitate to ask questions! It's best if you already know the rules of the game because we're not playing on a standard 2-player 19-space galaxy.

Anyone can join, the more the merrier!

Everyone's encouraged to build their own decks, but you can use on of the three basic preconstructed decks attached to this post if you like!

We'll decide on teammates a few minutes before we start playing.
Keep it up!
Keep it up!
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