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TOPIC: Card Set Updates

Card Set Updates 1 year 4 months ago #363

September 13th, 2016:
We updated the card set. Not many changes were done so far, the main thing that had to be fixed were Void spaces and how they worked. First of all, they're now called Empty Spaces, which I think fits better with the flavor and is a more self-explanatory name for the cards. Most importantly, they now grant objects one extra movement only if the object was on an Empty Space at the beginning of its controller's turn.
Nebulas were also fixed so that objects that can move twice or more times in one turn can't escape Nebulas right away.
Other changes to the card set include the nerfing of Giant Alien Brain, the colorless shield ship, and Oil miner, which now only works on planets.
Also, the card Wex has been powered up to give the violet junkyard strategy a good unit with which to board ships.
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Card Set Updates 1 year 4 months ago #371

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checked the card database and haven't seen any diffrence
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Card Set Updates 1 year 4 months ago #373

Quit OCTGN and open it again, it should automatically update Multiverse: Cosmic Conquest to the newest version.
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Card Set Updates 1 year 2 months ago #394

October 30th, 2016:
We released a huge update to the card set! :) The Cargo and Shields abilities are now scale-able (see latest rule book update) and so many had to cards changed. Too many to list, in fact.

Also, some less useful and niche cards cards were scrapped in favor of more interesting and flexible variants, so there's more to explore and playtest in general.

Furthermore, we added names to the cards. Cards now don't have "CARDNAME" written all over them now, which was a bit awkward.

Lastly, we added images to all the galaxy cards, and they look awesome! You can see them by yourself both in the deck editor and in-game, check them out! :lol:
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Card Set Updates 1 year 2 months ago #397

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small shelter: there is no worker unit
alpha superstation: it can destroy any planet without being in range 1
fortification: shield counters dont exist anymore
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Card Set Updates 1 year 2 months ago #398

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purdak scavenger: has cardname in it

edit: he fixed it
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Card Set Updates 1 year 2 months ago #399

I somehow missed the Fortification and Alpha Superstation mistakes. Fixed them.
Fortification now works with damage counters instead, and Alpha Superstation works only in Range 1.

The Small Shelter one is just a typo, though. "Worker" is a unit subtype, e. g. Human Worker. The correct wording there is "If there's a Worker inside Small Shelter, ..." Fixed that as well.

And fixed the Purdak Scavenger as well, I apparently missed a CARDNAME when going through all the cards. :)
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Card Set Updates 1 year 1 month ago #491

There have been a few updates to the card set since my last post. Mostly the changes consisted in tweaking individual cards, nothing major.

This latest version, however, eliminated an ability: Intimidate. Intimidate was by far the least interesting mechanic, it wasn't very dynamic and couldn't be put on too many cards.
We've replaced it with Pierce, which has a different effect: *This card's battle damage can't be prevented by Shields*
Right now only a few violet card have pierce, we'll try the mechanic out today, and most likely it will expand to red cards and maybe even other colors, like orange and blue.

Other changes to the card set include the addition of two "Drone" cards, which are structures that don't require any units inside of them to move and attack, also we've made Revon Menacer a 2 power 2 health ship, since the card was quite overpowered for its price, we fixed the typos and reworded the Duel of Honor, and changed the ability of Purdak Stealth Ship to work better with Nebulas.

Look forward to a bigger update in the following days!
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Card Set Updates 1 year 1 week ago #497

January 9th 2017:
During the winter holidays the card set has gone through a major overall integrity-check to ensure the consistency of the entire card set, including:
the cohesive integration of the Pierce and Spreadshot X mechanics;
the support of all possible multiplayer game variants into the design such as: 1v1, 1v1v1, 1v1v1v1, 1v1v1v1v1, 1v1v1v1v1v1, 2v2, 2v2v2, 3v3.

We added more splashy and expensive cards specifically targeted for multiplayer game variants, while maintaining the fast-paced style of gameplay in two-player games.

We shifted the color pie, changing and adding to all 6 color identities, especially Green and Orange, which were lacking in terms of diversity of effects. Now each color has a truly distinct style of conquering the galaxy, each of them going at it in completely different ways.

Changes to each specific color:

Red remains the most straight-forward color, it's the fastest and most explosive, we added both the Pierce and Spreadshot mechanics to it, since they're both battle-oriented. We added some more direct-damage cards, as well as made the already existing Robot theme into a more viable aggressive swarm strategy that it shares with Violet. Red is weak to Asteroid Fields, since most of its ships are on the smaller side and without Shields. It also tends to run out of resource, making it increasingly difficult for them to win long games. It has a lot of interactions with ships and can make them more impressive than they are.

Orange is also a pretty straight-forward color. Its units are still the most powerful and it continues to rely on its Boarding strategy, however they do have some larger ships with which to attack during the late game. Orange has now a more defined subtheme with workers and buildings that allows it to play its more expensive units and equipment reliably. It also retains its Geocor theme, which it can share with Green. We added a couple of interactions with Asteroid Fields to encourage their use in galaxy decks, especially considering they don't do almost any harm to the tough orange ships..

Yellow is now a more synergistic color. It has the ability to combine itself with many other colors, thanks to the added color-fixing, and can support combos easier thanks to card draw actions and even a card (Government Project) that fetches any card from your arsenal into your hand. Aside from enabling to play many colors, yellow now has its own defined control strategy, with many cards that slow down your opponent while giving you more resource to expand your conquest. Yellow now doesn't have a boarding subtheme, however it still has huge over-the-top ships to win in the late-game.

has had a very big shift in strategy. It still focuses on the expansive strategy, however, it makes it increasingly difficult for their opponents to attack them, making their cards hard to deal with. They now have a Diplomat sub-theme, as well as a Worker sub-theme that they share with Orange and Yellow. Green doesn't have big expensive finishers, it relies on smaller, faster ships to try and explore the entirety of the Galaxy before their opponents have a chance to build a good response to them. It now relies more on tempo cards to outperform its opponents.

Blue had the least amount of changes of all the colors, it was already well-rounded as a defensive versatile color that can effectively counter a lot of different strategies. Its color identity was just reinforced by adding some finishers, and tweaking cards so as to improve their versatility. They don't have any prominent sub-themes, although they do have a number of unique build-around me cards which give players the ability to try out a lot of different decks within the color.

Violet previously suffered from too many themes, and an abundance of cards with unique effects that didn't fit into larger strategies. Now violet focuses on two major themes: junkyard interaction, and control. The robot sub-theme which it shares with Red is now minimized and the individual Robot cards can be integrated into its two main strategies. We've added more Nebula interactions, which work in Violet's style of control decks.

Colorless cards haven't changed all that much, we've moved some colored building cards into the colorless bracket so that more colors can have access to them. The Iron Mine cycle helps out slower decks, especially ones focused on resource ramp, buildings, and multicolor decks.
Within the colorless cards there are a few build-around-me cards to try out in different deck shells, they create more options while deckbuilding.

Individual build-around-me cards to try out:

War-Bot (Robots)

Mard Construction Manager (Buildings)
Geocor Leader (Geocors)
Creola Town Hall and/or Arm the Masses (Workers)

Mard Mothership (Ships)

Pacera Minister (Diplomats)
Settler's Ark and/or Creola Council and/or Pacera Town Hall (Unit Swarm)
Planetary Alliance (GB Exploration)

Queen Encefal (Deck Engine)
Central Intelligence Computer (Deck Engine)
Instant Transportation (1-Card Combo)
Warp-Drive Ship (1-Card Combo)

Hyperdrive Freighter (Win Condition)
Martial Coup (1-Card Combo)
Central Intelligence Infiltrator (Win Condition)
Sewer Spill (Mill)

Outpost (Combo with Cargo 2+)
Alpha Space Station (Win Condition)
Space Port (Deck Engine)

Other decks/strategies to try out include:

Bureaucrats (Y, YG + Diplomats)
Interactions with Ships (R, RB)
Interactions with Buildings (O, Y, OY + Colorless)
Multicolor with Y (Y+)
Interactions with Asteroid Fields (O)
Interactions with Nebulas (V)
Interactions with Emty Space (R)
Interactions with Planets (mainly G)
as well as the Geocor, Worker, Diplomat, and Robot tribal decks and the main strategies described earlier.

You're also welcome to come up with unique creations, of course!
I look forward to reading your feedback on this new card set in the gameplay discussion forums here: tokartsmedia.com/forum/gameplay-discussion
Keep it up!
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Card Set Updates 11 months 4 weeks ago #503

January 20th 2017:
We have made some small changes to the card set since the latest tournament.They mostly consisted in fixing typographical errors, however there was one card changed: Pacera Minister now reads "Draw one card for each other Diplomat you control", as opposed o "Draw one card for each Diplomat you control". In other words, it now doesn't count itself.
We also lowered its stats significantly, from a 3/6 to a 2/2. The card was made to be the win-condition of the Diplomats deck, but it ended up being too overwhelming, especially if it wasn't dealt with right away. The powered-down version is still very good, but it's impact on the game isn't nearly as back-breaking.

I also forgot to mention in the previous post that the card Remodel can be a win-condition in a red/violet deck with big robots and/or cyborgs and ways to put them into your junkyard. You're welcome to try out that strategy!
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Card Set Updates 11 months 16 hours ago #518

February 18th 2017:
We've made a few tweaks to some cards in the most recent update of the card set, mostly to make certain effects more intuitive, more streamlined, and also balance some effects a bit more. Here are all the changes:

Hour of valor
This card used to read: Any one unit you control gets +3 power until end of turn, remove all damage from it
Now it reads: Any one unit you control gets +3 power and Shields 3 until end of turn
This card is meant to be a temporary buff to a unit, which makes it tougher and more powerful for a turn. The new reading reflects this more. Also, there were some misunderstandings in the earlier version of the card as to what damage is prevented and when. Since this card is a reaction, it's often used in response to a battle starting. The way it was worded made it so the damage dealt to the unit during this battle wouldn't be prevented at all, so it made the card's effect a bit awkward in certain situations.

Purchase Assets
It used to cost Y1
Now it costs YY
Purchase Assets turned out to be a universally useful card in a variety of different exploration decks. So much so, that non-yellow deck would end up splashing a few yellow-x planets just to get the added bonus of drawing extra cards. By changing this card's cost to a more restrictive YY means that non-yellow decks will have a harder time playing it, encouraging them to play other cards.

It used to read: Return any one Robot or Cyborg unit from your junkyard into play onto this space
Now it says: Sacrifice any one Robot on this space in order to play Remodel; Return any one Robot from your junkyard into play onto this space
The Remodel card was meant to be a build-around me card that would enable a reanimator strategy. It ended up being overpowered. This version restricts its usage to just robot decks, plus the extra hurdle of having to sacrifice a robot makes it harder to pull off. It still enables an interesting robot reanimator RV strategy, but it shouldn't cause too many problems the way it has been reworded.

Government Project
Used to cost YY1
Now it costs YY2
This card was primarily designed to enable combo decks to find the cards they need to set up their combos. However, at a resource cost of YY1, this card makes combo decks a bit too competitive against more aggressive decks. We want aggressive decks to have a chance to "aggro" their opponents out. Setting up a card combo needs to be somewhat difficult, otherwise, it makes the game less fun for everyone not playing a combo deck. Also, this change pushes combo decks to focus on defensive play in the early game, instead of trying to assemble for the combo right away, disregarding everything their opponents are doing. This pushes both players to interact more with each other.

And last, but not least:
Mecha Construct
Used to cost RR5
Now costs RR6
Also it used to read: Flight; Once during your turn, instead of attacking, you may have Mecha Construct deal 4 damage to up to any two objects in range 2; if you do, Mecha construct can't attack or use this ability next turn
now it reads: Flight; Range 1; Spreadshot 2; Mecha Construct can't both move and attack on the same turn
This card represents a giant robot designed to crush and destroy. Giving a unit the Flight ability made this card hard to properly cost and balance. It ended up being overpowered, so it had to be depowered in some way. The older wording of this card was a bit too long, and could be easily replaced with a simpler, cleaner wording, including the keywords Range 1 and Spreadshot 2. The last sentence was added to make this card seem huge and slow, but devastating at the same time. It's still a possible end-game win-condition for the robot deck, or for any red deck, and can still be used alongside Remodel, so it's still very playable. However, now it's not so overwhelming that once you play it, your opponent can't win.

And that's it! Make sure to join the next Multiverse: Cosmic Conquest TCG tournament in this subforum and try out new deck ideas!
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Card Set Updates 7 months 2 days ago #616

June 16th 2017:
We've updated some cards in the card set, mostly changing stats, costs, and tweaking some effects. There were, however, some changes of note:

Asteroid Field used to deal 1 damage to all objects on it between turns, meaning that a ship with Shields 1 would be completely unharmed by them.
Now the card deals 2 damage to all objects controlled by a player at the end of that player's turn. This change makes the gameplay better in a couple of ways: firstly, in multiplayer games now the card doesn't suddenly bcome more powerful, dealing up to 6 damage to your objects on it before you have a chance to move them away, and secondly, now Shields 1 isn't enough to completely negate the effect of an Asteroid Field, which adds more interesting situations and game states.

Tirum Frigate, by far the most effective blue ship, has been moved to red and replaced by Tirum Tanker, which is much more in line with blue s strategy of building bulky defensive ships.

Sample-collecting shuttle was moved from blue to orange, where it fits better in the asteroid field deck.

We also got rid of a few underwhelming cards: Double-Headed Hooknarr, Biological Attack, Revon Striker, and Purdak Striker and replaced them with Lazer Paralizer Ship, Attack Drone, Scout Drone, and Pillage. The old cards either had effects that didn't exactly lign up with the color's strategies, and thus wouldn't be played in decks, or were just too similar to existing cards.
The addition to two drones in violet gives the color a slightly more aggressive feel that is distinct from red, and created a drone subtheme that can be combined into other robot strategies.

There you go: make sure to try out the new cards in upcoming Multiverse: Cosmic Conquest TCG tournaments and try out new deck ideas!
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