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TOPIC: What are some obscure games everybody should play?

What are some obscure games everybody should play? 2 years 2 days ago #22

I personally recommend Impossible Creatures for the PC. It's an RTS from 2002, but it was recently released on Steam, so you can find it easily there and download it.

The concept is so original: the idea is that you combine DNA from two different species of animal to create your units. Different animals have different abilities and characteristics. You are allowed 9 different types of units at the same time, but you can mix and match hundreds of combinations of animals.

The multiplayer environment is awesome, but the game also has an extensive single-player campaign that is just fantastic! In it you actually have to find the animals and gather DNA from them in order to use as material for creating units. I feel like the game may have been weirdly influenced by Pokémon.

Much of the fun of the game is derived from designing your own creatures and then testing them out on the battlefield. Somehow it feels incredibly rewarding!

The graphics have aged pretty well, with the exception of the human characters, but you don't see them much anyway, so it's not a problem.

I highly recommend you check it out, I would still play it if I could, but I lost my CD many years ago, and I can't install it on my current computer. Although I could just download it from Steam, huh.

What are some of your favourite obscure games?
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What are some obscure games everybody should play? 2 years 1 day ago #25

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Easily Scrolls (by Mojang). It's a fantastic digital TCG with nice strategical depth due to two hex-boards on which your units and your opponents units are (separated) and can move around on and attack in a line when you press end turn; a countdown mechanic that means most units only attack every other turn so you don't always get value as soon as a creature survives a single turn; and a sacrificing mechanic which allows you to get rid of any one card in your hand once per turn for either one more max (and current) resource or two new cards, which reduces the effect of deck order RNG because you're not stuck with every card in your opening hand until you play them, instead optimal play requires you to get rid of the worst card for the situation every turn (or very rarely the optimal play is to not sacrifice, but that's only if you absolutely need all the cards in your hand right this turn or the next turn). There's also very little post-action RNG (and in general, very few cards have RNG effects (and when they do, it's usually not too significant or can be controlled quite well to work in your favour by clever play)) so the matches are very much up to skill (and of course, the match-up...).

Too bad on June 29th last year it was announced the game servers would be shutting down, and would be kept up at least until July this year. Nowadays there's about 35 total players online at peak hours and 440 unique players over 24 hours... before the announcement, there were about 100-200 players online at any given time, because, well, the game had fallen in a death spiral (few players -> long queue times -> even fewer players) because it failed to compete against Hearthstone at the time, plus when the game officially left beta, nobody knew about it because back when people signed up for the alpha (there used to be hype... from what I hear there were thousands of players online when beta launched) they forgot to ask for permission to send them any further emails... and around release, their tests showed that advertisement would not be profitable. So if you want to try it, there's a fair bit of singleplayer content (there are 3 randomly generated daily trials (games with custom rules against AI) and a bunch of manually created trials, and regular AI matches with 3 difficulties, and although hard difficulty is easier than a decent human opponent, it'll still wreck your face when you're new) but don't hold your hopes up for a PVP match... but if you want to watch some top-level play, there are two pro players who used to do frequent youtube videos of their matches, Blinky and Nrp.

And the community of that game, wow. Such amazingly nice people. Always helpful and friendly. Except for the occassional butthurt troll, obviously (not like you could possibly avoid those completely), but they were relatively rare.
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What are some obscure games everybody should play? 2 years 1 day ago #28

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lil' alchemist. its a very unique and strategic (sorta) card game for mobile. its fun, but can be annoying to progress. but recent updates have fixed some of that. go check it out. its free.
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