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TOPIC: Mechanic discussion: Cargo

Mechanic discussion: Cargo 1 year 4 months ago #345

Should Cargo be a scale-able mechanic? As in Cargo 2, and Cargo 7, where 2 and 7 would be the maximum amount of resource that object can carry.
Right now if a structure (typically a ship) has Cargo it can hold any amount of resource. This means that a 1-cost cargo ship and a 4-cost cargo ship can hold the same amount of resource, and therefore, if you're building a deck with ships whose main purpose is to transport resources around, there really isn't any upside to having a bigger cargo ship. In fact, I suspect that only he cheapest cargo ships will ever be used in constructed decks.
This is a bit troubling. It doesn't make much flavor sense, and it makes the mechanic pretty boring, which makes me think that to make it both more interesting and more believable, smaller ships should have something closer to Cargo 1 or 2, and a huge transport can have up to Cargo 5 and 6, or maybe more.

One concern I have with this change is that the cargo strategy, at least the way it is now, is pretty weak, and restricting it, it seems, will only make it weaker. Although you can always balance out the strength of individual cards. I'm not sure.

One more thing to say is that having a scale-able version of Cargo means that it can be put more easily on units, which can be interesting. We'll have to figure some details on the rulings, like: can a unit with cargo go inside a ship without cargo?
My gut reaction is yes.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the Cargo ability? What have been your experiences with it? Should it be improved, and do you think that making it scale-able is the right way to go?
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Mechanic discussion: Cargo 1 year 4 months ago #378

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I like the idea of a scalable cargo ability, but I don't understand how a unit could have cargo.
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Mechanic discussion: Cargo 1 year 2 months ago #395

In the latest cardset update we changed how the Cargo ability works quite a bit.

The two differences are that now there's a maximum amount of resource you can put on an object with Cargo, and that now Ships without Cargo can still carry resource if it's attached to units inside of them.
It may not make as much sense in terms of flavor, but it adds a lot of gameplay depth and variety that was somewhat lacking. This makes the use of reactions more commonplace, since there's more resource going around the galaxy. Also, making the mechanic scale-able makes it easier to make smaller cargo ships without huge drawbacks to compensate.

Another interesting change to Cargo that we added is that resource that's attached to an object can't be used to play objects. Objects can only be played onto spaces, not onto other objects. The attached resource can be used to do anything else, however: play actions, reactions, and paying for other costs.

How do you like this improved version of the mechanic? Tell me your experiences in this thread :lol:
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