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TOPIC: New card - Wormhole. Feedback and thoughts

New card - Wormhole. Feedback and thoughts 2 months 1 week ago #693

The latest update of the set on November 5th introduced the galaxy card Wormhole to Multiverse. To read the full update, go here.
It actually used to be in the game way back in the day when I used to print out the cards on paper and play with my friends. Back then the game had vastly different rules from today and the direct strategy was by far the best way to play the game. As an early attempt to fix this, I removed Wormhole from the file, never to be seen again... until now!

Currently, the expansive strategy is very strong in the metagame, to the point where dedicated direct decks aren't really viable, and conquering your opponent's home planet is usually a plan B. Wormhole should help out direct decks even in 1v1, giving them more ways to reach and destroy enemy scout and cargo ships, slowing down their opponent's conquest of the galaxy, but obviously, the card will have a bigger impact on larger galaxies in multiplayer games. In 1v1 Wormhole doesn't seem that powerful. It's likely still playable, but not essential if your deck has many ships with 2 Speed or combos with Empty Space.

In this thread I'd like to hear your experiences with the card: how it plays in 1v1 and different kinds of multiplayer, how it changes the power level of different arsenal cards and what impact it has on the game; what cards, strategies, and decks can take advantage of this card's effect.
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