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TOPIC: Game engines for newbies

Game engines for newbies 1 year 10 months ago #39

I admit, I'm not much of a programmer, but I'd like to be able to make computer games completely by myself soon, and learning to code is the last step towards that goal.
I've started learning Gamemaker Studio, which is arguably the easiest to learn out of the popular game engines. It's good for most typical styles of 2D games: top-down RPGs, top-down adventure games, sidescrollers, platformers, run-and-gun, etc. but it only works for 2D.
What game engines would you recommend for 3D games? Is Unity a good choice?
What game engines do you use?
Also, do you know any good tutorials on the basics of programming and the technical side of game development?
Keep it up!
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Game engines for newbies 1 year 10 months ago #42

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Unity is very good.
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Game engines for newbies 1 year 10 months ago #43

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Yes, Unity is a very good choice with that Game Engine you don't do so much wrong, because you can use it in almost all plattform.

The first question you need to answer is, for which Plattform do you want to develop. Example:
Mac OS
If you just want a Game for 1 Plattform you can choose maybe another GameEngine that is maybe ( easier, faster ) to learn and giving you mroe successful feedback than the other Engine.

Tipps for Basics of programming:
If you want just learn how to programming choose first a programming langauge that you want, it doesn't matter which one. Why it doesn't matter so much, because the logical process how to progamming in other language are similiar. The only thing that change is the grammatical structure and the function's and bibliothek.


$Number_1 = 2;
$Number_2 = 3;
$Number_Sum = $Number_1 + $Number_2 ;
var Number_1 = 2;
var Number_2 = 3;
var Number_Sum = Number_1 + Number_2 ;
int Number_1 ;
Number_1 = 2;

int Number_2 ;
Number_2 = 3;

int Number_Sum ;
Number_Sum = Number_1 + Number_2 ;

This is a very simple example for compare how to define Variable's. You would see is similar, but not 100% equal, All give you the same solution.

Here is an example for javascript 3D Models. threejs.org/examples
That mean's you can make in all Programming Language you own 3D Models.

I hope you would understand what i mean.
I am a hobby programmer :D
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Game engines for newbies 1 year 9 months ago #263

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Hey Leandro, GameMaker: Studio is very easy to learn as I've mentioned to you, but I'm going to try out Unity2D this summer and will let you know if I think it's better. So far, it looks like it would have a steeper learning curve for a beginner but on the other hand looks like it gives much more power to the programmer which is beneficial in the long run and for larger projects.
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