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TOPIC: The Steep Learning Curve of TCGs

The Steep Learning Curve of TCGs 1 year 1 day ago #519

When learning to play a TCG/CCG, especially more complicated ones, like Magic: the Gathering, many players find the number of rules, keywords, mechanics, etc. to be overwhelming.

Before you even start to play, you need to learn the rules, the turn order, how cards work, and so on.
Not only that, but you need to know how to create a deck, what cards to put in it, how to calculate how much resource you need...

It's a lot to take in! That's partly why traditional TCGs in general, have a hard time getting people to start playing. Just look at Pokemon: the trading card game. It's still by far the most successful game in terms of cards sold, but it's not the most played. Magic: the Gathering especially is having big problems lately in getting new players into the game. Yu-Gi-Oh! has a popular TV show which teaches new players the basics of how to play, Pokemon relies on a tutorial on their online version of the game, and Magic has Duels of the Planeswalkers, but nonetheless, the huge barrier of entry is still there.

Only Hearthstone manages to ease new players into the game effectively, although, to be fair, it's not the most complex CCG.

What could help new players get into a complex TCG? A tutorial on the online version? Maybe the release of "basic sets", like what Magic used to do back in the day, with simplified rules and streamlined mechanics? What about a cartoon or comic series where the game is played by the characters? Maybe something else entirely?

What are your thoughts on the topic? Let me know, I'm interested to hear.
Keep it up!
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